Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because.... wake up early to watch the chickens march out of their coop in the morning...and run out to watch them march back in at night. are infinitely curious about anything and everything and you foster that love in your children can hang out all afternoon at a chicks-only party with 20 kids running around...and fit right in put up with all my crazy ideas and my constant meetings and classes

...the older gentlemen line up at church to "talk shop" with you

...the older ladies line up at church to "talk gardening" with you and swap recipes family wasn't complete until you came into my life and gave me three wacky kids (who love and admire their Papa more than anything in this world)

Thank You.
We Love You.

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  1. Yes! Welcome to the blog world. I love the stories and photos. I'm looking forward to all the many wonderful craft and family outing ideas to inspire all of us...just hopefully you're done with dead chickens.