Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Death, part 2..

Wow, this finding time to blog while having three young maniacs constantly running around and screaming is TOUGH! I suppose I could get up early and attempt it then, but if I get up earlier than the aforementioned maniacs, reading and coffee are the only things on my mind. So, this is definitely a work in progress. Please bear with me.

Ahem...back to death...where was I? Oh yes, Zena was missing. Lil' Mermaid of course heard this and started wailing softly and running around the yard calling for Zena. I looked around in the immediate vicinity and didn't see any tell tale feathers, blood or etc. I have to admit, I got a bit frantic as well, checking in the neighbors yard, looking under brush piles, saying "Here chickie, chickie", when in my heart I knew. I knew....sigh.

Meanwhile, Peelu was walking around the yard barefoot. She has gotten very good at pointing out "doggy poo" and avoiding it. We have two dogs. One of them is quite large. We have a considerable amount of doggy poo to avoid. However this time, when Peelu said "uh-oh doggy poo" and stepped in something squishy..I knew it was more ominous than dog fecal matter. I ran over and then saw the scattered feathers and the ....remains. "Uh, Ross" I called, while scooping up Peelu and trying not to call Lil' Mermaid's attention to me. "I have to go wash off Peelu's foot...she stepped in something that WAS NOT dog poo". I said, giving him the eye across the yard. But of course, Lil' Mermaid heard and ran across the yard screeching "Zena, Zena" is she deeeeeaaaadddddd?" Trying to hold onto an almost two year old with chicken entrails on her foot and trying to stop a charging, grief crazed six year old was not in any job description I signed on for, let me tell you. Damn, chickens.....

I got Peelu in the house and scrubbed but by then Lil' Mermaid had crawled into the house and told her brother that Zena was dead and that the dogs had eaten her. I know that Hotrod is only six years old as well, but really, who knew he could shriek that high? I think blood started bursting from my ears. It sounded like an Irish wake had spontaneously appeared in my home. The older kids were keening and wailing on the floor. Oh my Lord, it was ugly. Damn, chickens....

I kid you not, this went on for at least 20 minutes. I knew I was beaten, all I could do was try to comfort them. Explain to them the "circle of life", "everything dies"..."yes Zena was in heaven with Jesus and Big Grammy"..."no, the dogs are not mean, that's just what dogs do" "yes, Mama had chickens get eaten too".... Peelu wasn't totally sure what was going on, but the sight of her siblings having grief seizures apparently startled her enough that she had a death grip on my neck. So I couldn't even pour myself a LARGE glass of wine. I desperately needed that large glass of wine. Meanwhile, Ross the damn chicken-lover, was thankfully cleaning up the mess but was also noticeably absent from the grief process. I mean it takes 30 seconds to clean-up chicken guts and I was smothered in tears and questions about the hereafter for WAY LONGER THAN THAT!

Finally, I worked myself into a catatonic state, Peelu went off to read a book and the other kids sniffed their way over to some craft supplies. In no time at all they had written notes to Zena, prayers to Jesus, multiple artworks depicting the greatest chicken in the world (Hotrod is still pestering me to make a stamp effigy of Zena for him...)....
Lil Mermaid used a Dora coloring page as a homemade envelope for her memorial of Zena. The outside says: "To Zena, To Jesus". And in between the gut wrenching sobs, she also drew a picture of Zena, Two notes, one of Zena's feathers. The notes say:"I wish we had Zena back"and "I wish dogs never ate chickens". You and me both, kid. Damn chickens.

Hotrod had also started working on his version of the "Zena Legend". "Mama", he sniffed "do you think..sniff,sniff..that maybe since Zena was a warrior princess..sniff,sniff...that she sacrificed herself so that the Bardrock could get away? I bet she distracted Jack and Scully and made them chase after her so that the Bardrock could hide in the garden. I think she was a he..he..hiccup...heroooooo". Yep, Hotrod, I'm sure she was. Damn chickens.

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