Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Okay, I did start this post on Father's Day, but I guess, technically, I am a bit late now. Oh well.

I walked by the backdoor and saw Ross laying on the grass with his two big kids on Sunday afternoon and I had to sneak this picture.....sigh... And yes, they are laying there watching the chickens in the coop. Go figure!

We had a great day celebrating Ross. We made him things:

Like these prayer flags...

We got the idea from this cool new website we found Future Craft Collective. We decided to each make these flags for Ross for Father's Day and that we would save them and add to them each year on Father's Day.

We hung them on his garden fence. I thought they turned out pretty stinkin' cute. And Ross loved them!

Hotrod also made this really cool wind chime that sounds like a rainstick. I meant for it to be a nice project that he and I could do together and that it would chew up some afternoon time.

Yeah, what was I thinkin? He's truly his father's son. He put it together in about 4 minutes. And that was looking at the directions I had ripped out of FamilyFun Magazine (my fave magazine, by the way).

It was made from hardware supplies and was super easy and very cheap to make. The washers on it are fun to watch as they slide down and the sound is very sweet. Everyone loves playing with it and Hotrod even made one for Grandpa W. as well.

Lil' Mermaid also gave her Papa a bag of cement because her gift to him is to make a new stepping stone together. They haven't done it yet but stay tuned for pics, I'm sure.

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