Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day....stilll

We started the morning out with one of Ross' favorite dishes - Baked Peach French Toast. Okay, truthfully, he has a lot of favorite dishes. He's not hard to please where food is involved, thank goodness. We also had bacon (you can't go wrong with bacon, 'ya know?) and fruit smoothies. Yummy!

Then we went letterboxing at the Redmond Lava Caves. We had never been there and strangely enough it is just right across the road from the fairgrounds (where I happen to spend a LOT of time every month). There were three large caves/caverns that you could explore and two letterboxes to find. Here is Lil Mermaid giving Hotrod a helping hand so that he can find one of the letterboxes.

The kids thought the caverns were sooooo cool. They were not afraid at all, much to my nervousness " are you? I can't see youuuuuuu". We have recently been reading up on volcanoes and the area where we live has a very volcanic history, so the kids were informing us all about how the caves were made and how they were going to handle it if a volcano suddenly appeared under our feet....uh...yeah...that's not making Mama nervous or anything.
Ross was very excited as well, and luckily he had Peelu strapped to his back or I am sure we would still be there exploring the teensiest corner of each cave.

Anyway, it was a very fun day with an adventure, literally, in our own backyard. If you're local, we highly recommend the caves to visit and even if you're not local we highly recommend letterboxing (one of our fave family hobbies which you will surely be hearing more about)!

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