Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Last of Our Cherries

Our Cherries

YUMM!!! Jack (our Labrador Retriever and resident cherry-picker) and the birds saved us a few.

Jack scrounging for strawberries and cherries

We actually got 2 big bowls full of Rainiers and Bings. If we had been more diligent we could have picked a bunch more. I think we'll do a major pruning this year so we can actually reach the top next year!

Almost ready!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Children's Festival & Good Ship Lollipop

Tap, tap, tapping away!

The Cascade Children's Festival in Bend has been one of our favorite festivals for a few years now. I must confess that attending any festival in Bend sends me into convulsions. Terrible, I know. Because Bend has some fabulous events. But they are usually way too crowded for me and hard to find parking, blah, blah, blah. With three small children to try and keep your eyes on -crowded festivals just make me crazy.

The one exception is the Children's Festival every July. Now, it does get crowded, but for me, this festival is worth it. Not only does it support a great cause - Saving Grace - but it is affordable. Very affordable and fun! Tickets for the great array of children's activities are only 50 cents per activity!

Now the fun part....

And the activities are perfect for little kids - Mixing your own play-doh, making crowns, coloring frisbees, making bookmarks, Lots and LOTS of games, making masks, making wands, etc.....

Cuties Cooling Down

The food is yummy and festival-worthy!

Finishing up the shave ice and.....

Lots of shady trees and places to relax...

Peelu & Mama

...and some much needed, sweet family moments...


The Sailors!

Can you tell we had a great time? And this year, Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid were asked to perform their tap dance routine from their June recital (Good Ship Lollipop) at the Festival.

Good Ship Lollipop...

Only one other little friend from their class of 6 could make it. I thought they might be nervous or forget it all (although they had a small practice the day before) but they all did fabulous and had so much fun. It was great to see several of the other groups from the recital as well.

Phew!  All done

All in all, a perfect afternoon with the family (but let us not forget the shave ice and crepes!)

Crossing the Bridge

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunflower snack for the kids

Had some friends over to play & visit on Friday = yummy goodness & sweet times

Bee on Lavender

More time enjoying the garden = quiet moments

My Grand Prize!!

Raffle Prizes = Inspiration & Excitement & FUN!!!!

More bowls - all 4 sizes

A New, Old Craft = New, Consuming Obsession

Sailor and his Mate!

Festival Fun = Priceless

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Isn't this Beautiful?

I love color!

I just LOVE color - all colors, bright colors, fun colors, happy colors.......

More color!

my crafty/artsy world is screaming with color. I try to temper it. I try to match. I try to calm it down. But I am always drawn to color. I have decided to stop fighting it. To live with it. To embrace it. I better. I don't really have a choice.

Finishing Touches

Because Peelu is just like her Mama. She LOVES color too. And I know this because she colors on the floor. On herself. On the wall. On any paper she can get her hands on. On her brother. On her sister. On her bed sheets. In her books. She likes color. I just introduced her to watercolors and acrylics so she could paint some entries for Fair. Oh boy! Now she runs around after me all day saying "Paint Mama, Paint."

She likes color, what can I say. At least she comes my it honestly. Hopefully the house survives us both.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poppy Love

Poppy Love, originally uploaded by eclectic_chica.

I love my Oriental Poppies, what can I say? Of course, this photo was taken in Late May. It is now mid July and these poppies are long gone.....sigh...but I can still dream about them. Weird, I know. I must be channeling Georgia O'Keefe.

And I can enjoy some of my other flowers now that the Poppies aren't taking the spotlight.

Cosmos & Coreopsis:

Lupin & Painted Daisies:


Oh, wait. Poppies again. How did that sneak in there. Hmmmm...I guess I still miss them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We spent the weekend saying Goodbye to a very special family friend. Really more family than friend. Dennis Barker was the father of Ross' best friend. He passed away very unexpectedly last October. His death was, and still is, very hard for his wife, 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

And it has been very hard for Ross. Denny was one of the most important father figures in his life. Ross misses him terribly. A great many people do. He was a special man.

So for such a special man, we had to give him a special Goodbye. It has been months in the planning, waiting for his family to be able to make the trip, waiting for the time to be right. This past weekend we all headed up to Heppner, OR for a weekend of love and loss.

Heppner was where Denny and his children and his friends made history as only you can do at hunting camp (or so I am told!) This weekend was full of history, full of laughter, full of tears, full of stories, because that is what Denny was known for...all of the above.

We spent time remembering Denny in pictures and letters that we all had written about him.

The kids played in the creeks.....

....looking for fish, catching snakes, floating leaf boats....

...picking wild strawberries.

We did camp crafts (of course) to honor Grandpa Denny (and to keep the kids busy).

Then, on the last day, we all carpooled over to a camping spot they had used during their hunting trips. The guys gave Denny a black powder salute.

Denny's brother gave a wonderful eulogy and most everyone said a little something that reminded them of Denny. About 18 of us (kids included), then hiked up to this beautiful spot (a little over a mile uphill). Ross, HotRod, and Denny's son and grandson had gone up the day before to find the perfect spot. They carved a bench out of some logs, gathered some rocks for a cairn.
One of Denny's granddaughter's found this heart shaped rock. And all the grandkids put rocks on top.

We all admired the view...couldn't ask for a better spot.
It was peaceful.
It was perfect.
It was Denny.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clear Lake Hike

On the Fourth we decided to do a new family hike up in the Cascades.

We started out at Coldwater Creek Campground and hiked around the lake for a little over 5 miles.

It was absolutely beautiful. The trail was easy and we were next to the lake the entire time, even when hiking through some of the lava flow.

The water was wonder it is called Clear Lake. It looked like the ocean in the tropics - blue, green, incredibly beautiful.

The kids did great. And with stops for water breaks, potty breaks and nature investigations we made the trip in under 2 1/2 hours.

Oh yeah, we had to stop for ice cream too - at the cute little Clear Lake Resort.

We will be back for sure. Possibly camping at the campground or maybe even renting some of the rustic cabins at the resort with friends.

::Craziness on the Trail::

::Cute Lil' Hiker::

::All Done::