Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clear Lake Hike

On the Fourth we decided to do a new family hike up in the Cascades.

We started out at Coldwater Creek Campground and hiked around the lake for a little over 5 miles.

It was absolutely beautiful. The trail was easy and we were next to the lake the entire time, even when hiking through some of the lava flow.

The water was wonder it is called Clear Lake. It looked like the ocean in the tropics - blue, green, incredibly beautiful.

The kids did great. And with stops for water breaks, potty breaks and nature investigations we made the trip in under 2 1/2 hours.

Oh yeah, we had to stop for ice cream too - at the cute little Clear Lake Resort.

We will be back for sure. Possibly camping at the campground or maybe even renting some of the rustic cabins at the resort with friends.

::Craziness on the Trail::

::Cute Lil' Hiker::

::All Done::

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