Thursday, July 16, 2009

Isn't this Beautiful?

I love color!

I just LOVE color - all colors, bright colors, fun colors, happy colors.......

More color!

my crafty/artsy world is screaming with color. I try to temper it. I try to match. I try to calm it down. But I am always drawn to color. I have decided to stop fighting it. To live with it. To embrace it. I better. I don't really have a choice.

Finishing Touches

Because Peelu is just like her Mama. She LOVES color too. And I know this because she colors on the floor. On herself. On the wall. On any paper she can get her hands on. On her brother. On her sister. On her bed sheets. In her books. She likes color. I just introduced her to watercolors and acrylics so she could paint some entries for Fair. Oh boy! Now she runs around after me all day saying "Paint Mama, Paint."

She likes color, what can I say. At least she comes my it honestly. Hopefully the house survives us both.

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