Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art & Craft-a-palooza

My Niece and I

My favorite part of the whole visit (by my sister and her fam) was the craft/art time with my niece, Mac. She specifically asked if she could stay at our house by herself so that she could have some time with me up in my craft room. Really, how could I say "no" to that?

So I broke out some ideas from the Dancing Mermaid on-line girls' art course that I took. Lil' Mermaid and Hot Rod drifted in and out and did a few things here and there.
Lil' Mermai's Art Journal

But mostly it was just Mac and I and our imaginations. And that was good. She first worked on an art journal and really stretched herself to try some different things. I was very proud of her because creating outside of your comfortable box can be a scary thing. Then we made affirmation cards and -WOW- she had some great affirmations. I don't know why I get surprised with things that kids come up with. They are much more intuitive and thought provoking then we give them credit for...Finally she made a worry box out of a star paper mache box. Here's a few of those items:
Mac's Art & Craft-a-palooza Results

But the best part? Was that she immediately asked for some journaling prompts so that she could begin journaling in her art journal. I gave her a few of the top pf my head and she went to town! It was amazing to read what she wrote and to see her doodling and adding art to her journal pages was fabulous. That reminds me, I have some more journal prompts I need to e-mail to her. What a cool niece I have.

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  1. How wonderful for you two. It makes me miss my nieces and reminds me of how much I wish I could do with them.