Tuesday, August 25, 2009

County Fair Arts & Crafts & Photography Entries

Geesh...I am still running behind with posts here. Fair was a month ago and I am still stringing out these posts. Oh well. There is no time limit on craft appreciation, right?

My Fair Entries

Okay, in an earlier post I talked about the craft challenge we entered into with our OC family members. My sister Kristen, niece Mac, Nephew Brady, my mom, Hot Rod, Lil' Mermaid and Peelu all challenged each other to enter at least one item in our respective hometown county fair. I entered the above items and several photographs.

The card on the left is hand stamped and handmade by yours truly. And the card on the right is also handmade by myself but the picture on it is a copy of an old photograph of my grandmother and her sister, sitting on the porch of their parents' home in Los Angeles in 1931. The skull fabric was also handstamped by myself with a stamp that I hand carved from my own drawing. (Soon I'll do a post about my stamp carving addiction!)

I also entered some photographs. But I was in a rush and had to register for the classes before I had totally picked out all of my photos. So a few of them probably don't really go in the categories that I entered them in, but oh well. Here they are. (Okay, being a total geek again - I did win one ribbon (hee hee). Or I should say that Peelu's sweet expression while reading did, in the character study category.)

Peelu ReadingCan't you just imgaine....Major driftwoodBeautiful fingersS with a fossil encrusted rockOne of my fave Pictures of Lil'MermaidMy GoofballsHmmmm... still not sure about the snow

Hot Rod's Entries:
S with his Fair Entries 2009

Acrylic - Wall-E robot
Watercolor - Fire breathing dragon
Pastel - Red dot
Mixed Media - Collage Robot
Other Craft - Camouflage God's Eye Weaving
Colored Pencil - Solar System
Sewn Toy - Robot Pillow
Recycled Art - Silverware & Candle Scone Wind Chime
Baked Clay - Another Fire Breathing Dragon

Lil' Mermaid's Entries:
Lil' Mermaid and her Fair Entries

Acrylic - Self Portrait
Watercolor - Mermaid
Crayon - Jasmine with her butterflies and trees
Mixed Media - Fairy Collage
Recycled Craft - Clothespin & Sink Drainer Wind Chime
Other Craft - God's Eye Weaving
Pastel Chalk- Green Border
Baked Clay - Pizza

Peelu's Entries:
Peelu and her Fair Entries

Acrylic, water color and Mixed Media collage. She even got a blue ribbon! :-)

We even got PREMIUM MONEY!! I am SUCH a craft geek! Geesh, entering things at the county fair - heck yes. It was so much fun! This was my first year doing it in about 23 years. Peelu's first time and the third time for Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid. The challenge is on for next year already. What will you enter in your county fair?

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