Wednesday, August 12, 2009

County Fair Fun

Peelu was done

This picture of Peelu kinda sums it up: Hot, fun, sticky, exhausting, crazy...everything a County Fair should be.

But the best part is that one of my sisters and her family came to visit us during our Fair. They come from a large suburban area in CA (okay we call it the OC) and we thought our little fair might seem kinda hokey to them, but they seemed to really enjoy it.

Orange TongueGreen TonguePurple Tongue
As you can see, the highlight of that very warm day, might have been "what color can you get your tongue to be". Cousin Bee-Man won with the grossest color (and he considered that a great achievement....ahhh, boys)
More Icees Tongues

But we also got to see the fair entries that Peelu, Hot Rod, Lil' Mermaid, Grandma and Yours Truly all entered.
Peelu's Watercolor Art at Fair
R with her Crayon Drawing at Fair
S with his Robot at Fair

And the cool thing was that our CA cousins could totally appreciate it because they had also entered items in their fair (yes, the OC does have a county fair!) You could say that we're a crazy...I mean...crafty family all around!

The kids also got to ride a few rides (carnival rides and pony rides)and visit some family activities in the Family Fun Zone area. One of the free booths was sponsored by the Girl Scouts. The girls all got crowns made there and Hot Rod asked if he could have one too. So as we were leaving I thought it was pretty funny to see his twin sister's pretty crown trailing behind her and then to see his pretty crown trailing out form under his camouflage hat!
Happy Fair Goers
But overall, I think this sweet picture makes me realize what a special day it was - because we got to share a part that we love of our small town, with some special people that we love.
Cute Flower Girls

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