Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crocheting with Wool

My wool stash...so far

So the cute little project/pattern that really got me wanting to crochet again was this felted bowl pattern from Knot Sew Cute. (You can see more of the cute bowls in my last post).

Smallest, Medium, Large

In the past I always used acrylic yarn or an acrylic blend. And I think that is why I never really kept going with crochet for long. I didn't really like the feel of the yarn as I kept working with it. For several reasons I decided to try 100% wool (and a few with mohair blended in).

As I have been making my little bowls I have been experimenting with felting them, seeing which brand felts better, which texture I like better, etc. I started out, hand agitating some of the bowls and that worked okay. Then I threw them in the washer with some jeans and they felted a bit more. For the second go around in the washer I put them in a lingerie bag with a pair of jeans and that seemed to work even better. Then my husband who considers himself "the Master Felter", got a hold of them and hand agitated them some more with a small brush and dish soap. He got the best results, but it may have also been because they had already been felted a few times already.

I've decided that the best course of action when felting is to try both methods (hand and washing machine) SEVERAL times. There ain't no rushing it. Hmmmm...that should be a metaphor for life. Felting=life. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to crafting, especially at this stage in my life. Crafting involves textures, layers, patience, a willingness to start and finish something (although I have trouble with the finishing part). You need inspiration, a goal. You have to practice and be willing to make mistakes and then willing to know which mistakes you fix and which mistakes you learn to live with. You need to forgive yourself and move on and I find having a sense of humor makes it all a little easier.

Wow, what a digression. Can you tell I went to church on Sunday? :-)

Okay, back to business. Just in case you were interested in which yarn I have on hand during this felting journey.


The orange, purple, yellow and the blue in the lower left hand corner are Universal.

The red is Cascade 220.

The dark pink, lime green, teal and the other blue are all Lamb's Pride.

I also have three really cute felted bag patterns I want to make. A hobo bag from Knit Art by Grace and the Poison Apple Clutch and Bubble Clutch by Owl Mushroom.

I'll keep you posted.

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