Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am a laundry line geek.

I am a laundry line geek. Is there such a thing? I don't know. If there is - I'm it. And I am not ashamed. I LOVE MY LAUNDRY LINE!

Laundry Line

It started last year. Ross finally hung a makeshift line up for me on the back corner of the house, strung between the fence and an old fence post. It wasn’t the sunniest spot or the cleanest spot (it hung next to our Douglas Fir, over some dirt and weeds).

But it was fun. And I was excited. SO excited that I thought I'd be really old-fashioned and I first tried the old clothespin pegs to hold up the clothes. Didn't work so well. They don't hold crap on a laundry line. After a few days they were relegated to the craft room recycled box (and happily used in one of Lil' Mermaid's recent fair entries).
Regular spring clip clothespins are the ticket. Last years’ laundry line held some magical laundry loads – like this set up - tie dyed clothes fresh from the washing machine. Made during the week long Craft-a-Palooza with the WA nieces.

Colorful Laundry Line

This year my old line was taken down in Ross’ obsession with expanding his garden. The good news – more veggie and berry space and the old dirt pile is now fertile land. But alas, I had warm weather and NO laundry line. Luckily my nagging finally dragged Ross away from his garden long enough to put a new one in for me. BUT, being a man, a manly construction type man – he CEMENTED in a new laundry line. Wow, that means I am committed now for years to come. Those babies aren’t coming out! He put it over the grass (“so you’ll quit dropping my boxers in the dirt”) and next to his main garden. He’s right. It is a better backdrop for my beautiful laundry line. Shh…don’t tell him I said he was right.

My new laundry line

The only drawback – the dogs love to poop under my laundry line. One of our dogs is rather large. He has big poops. Enough said. Until I can convince the kids that a quarter is more than enough for pooper scooper duty I have perfected the one eye looking down while I clip up the laundry maneuver. It doesn’t always end successfully. Damn dogs.


  1. Hi!
    Found my way here from Carina's.
    Just love your pic of the died clothes! I used to dye clothes with my teenagers before they turned teenagers and lost the interest in such projects. Hope they will get into it again :)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Ok, I love hanging laundry outside too, but we live in a stupid neighborhood that doesn't allow clotheslines! Have you ever heard of a more stupid rule than that, especially since we live in AZ and its perfect for drying laundry.... I can't seem to find a line that doesn't break on me though... yep, you guessed it I'm a rule breaker! LOVE THE DYEING OF Fabric!! Adding it to my list!