Monday, August 24, 2009

It may be poison....

Is this the cutest purse...

....but it's darn cute!!

Seriously. Is this NOT the cutest purse/clutch/lil' bag pattern you've seen lately? It's called the poison apple pouch. I got it at this cute etsy shop, owlmushroom. This is my first bag type of pattern. Remember, years ago it was a few afghans and more recently small bowls and several dishcloths. But I ventured out and voila....I did it! It was a very easy pattern. (The only part I had any problem with was the stem of all things.)

I originally got it because you can also use wool and felt it and we know I am on a felting kick lately. But for some reason the cotton version called to me first. But I think I will start on a green wool one very soon. I used Lion Cotton in Poppy Red and Clove for the stem. The leaves are Lily Hot Green. I am such a dork but I have to say I am proud of myself that I started and finished this in 24 hours. Oh, the kids? Oh yeah....I guess I better go let them out now....

Cute lil' model with cute lil' clutch

Cute lil' Purse with cute lil' model!

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