Thursday, August 27, 2009

The little plum tree that could

Yay!!!  Our plum tree...

We've had this plum tree in our backyard for about 10 years now. It has gone through Jack and Scully's puppy years; it's had most of it's trunk bark scraped off; it's been pruned to within an inch of its life after half of the branches died; its had its trunk on the chopping block as we debated on getting a new tree; it's been neglected and sadly abused but yet it keeps surviving. Hmmmm....possibly this is another life metaphor here.

Or perhaps it's just that with all the rain we got this year that it was finally able to reach it's full potential.

Look at all the plums we got!!!

Whatever the reason...our little plum tree that could delivered us a bumper crop of yummy plums this summer. And for that, our mouths are juicy, our fingers are sticky and our bellies our happy.

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