Monday, August 24, 2009

More Art Love

We have been very lucky to have a special little friend spending some time with us this summer - G-Bug. She has been very game to try many of our craft ideas. This past week we broke out some more worry boxes from my Dancing Mermaid class.

A worry box is a place to put your worries. The kids can write their worries on a piece of paper and put them away in the box "to get them out of their insides" (as Hot Rod says). Then when the worry is totally gone, they can take the paper out of the box and burn them or tear them up so "they go away and never find you again" (so says Hot Rod again).

The Process:
Waiting for the paint to dry

Worry boxes in progress

The Results:
From G-Bug
Some more sweet worry boxes

From Lil' Mermaid:
Front & Inside of R's Worry BoxBack of R's Worry Box

From Hot Rod:
Hot Rod with his Worry BoxA Much more cheerful Hot Rod with the inside of his worry box

I LOVE that the kids totally got the idea behind the boxes. And I LOVE that G-Bug made a box for herself (the cute girlie with the flower in her hair and earrings {how cute is that?} for herself, the heart for her parents and the flip flop for her friend).

That makes my heart happy.

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