Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Craftiness

Not like I didn't have a million other things I was supposed to be doing the other day. Peelu was sleeping....I had a dirty house (not unusual)....letters to to be making....4-H meetings to be planning and what did I do?

Why I called the big kids in to do a craft I've been eyeing on Kleas blog. Of course then I saw it on Glitter Goods and I just had to get my hands dirty - or at least soapy...

All three of our felted pictures

and voila......we made some wool roving felted pictures.

We started with some roving (dyed and virgin) that we had on hand. And we followed Kleas really easy instructions and we got some cool tactile art. I think Lil' Mermaid's felted the best (we're still novice felters, except for Ross - he's a pro of course but he wasn't around).

Hot Rod working on his design:
Hot Rod working on the design in wool

His design finished prior to felting (in case you can't tell, its' a surfer riding a wave on his surfboard on a sunny day):
Hot Rod's wool roving picture prior to felting

Starting the felting process in a plastic bag:
Hot Rod working on his felt picture

Lil Mermaid kneading and poking and roughing up the wool as best as she can (her picture is of a purple fish in the ocean with the sun shining":
Lil' Mermaid working on her picture

My picture being felted(again, the ocean theme - for the record I had the idea first! - with a bird flying in the sunny sky):
My wool roving picture...

Lil Mermaid's Felt Picture
Hot Rod's Felt Picture
My Felt Picture
A very fun and hand-softening crafty adventure. And we managed it all while Peelu was still snoozing!

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