Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Crochet Business

All the bowls so far!

I am not totally new to crochet but it has been about 6 years since I picked up a hook. I made a few afghans while I was pregnant with Hot Rod & Lil Mermaid and then I took a look at all my craft crap and thought...hmmmm...I really need to give up one craft hobby. And at the time, I chose crocheting. I knew I would come back to it eventually but I had to pack everything away for a while.

Well, this last Winter, since we walked to school every day, Grandma W (who has recently gotten back into crocheting after many years) made all of us several different winter hats. We were her guniea pigs. But we loved it.

My Goofballs

Self Portrait while Christmas tree hunting

Peelu Loves her new hat

And we were warm. And when we arrived at school, everyone who saw us walking said they loved to see what hats we would be wearing that day. Anyway, after watching Grandma make so many cute hats (and other fun stuff), I just got an itch to give it a try again. Also, I am perpetually on the look out for a craft I can do while three small children are tugging on me simultaneously.

Recently I had also taken up embroidery again to keep my hands busy, but it gets dirty easier and I can't do such fine work while I am in the passenger seat or trying to watch the above mentioned maniacs with one eye while in the backyard. See, I ALWAYS have an excuse for starting more craft projects......sly, aren't I?

Okay, okay, but I thought I'd start pretty basic and learn from the beginning, instead of jumping into a big, crazy project - which is more like my normal MO. I also wanted to learn more about felting after our little family felt ball making session last year. Soooooo, the first new crochet project I picked was to make these cute little felt bowls from Knot Sew Cute. I could practice making spiral rounds (for future winter hats, of course) and practice felting wool. See, how methodically I have thought out this crafty endeavor?

And see how cute they have turned out?
Smallest, Medium, Large, Largest

Two Pinkies

Even cute stacked up.

Practical too - for storing all of your handmade button rings!

See - very practical!

More details on my felting journey coming soon!

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