Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tractors & Blueberries

Cool Tractor

Phew! I am behind in blogland here. Two weekends ago we trekked over the Cascades and braved the sweltering forests of Marion County. All for a tractor show and some blueberries. It was hot, let me tell you, it was DAMN hot and sticky. But we did it and ended up having a crazy, good time.

First up was the visit to Antique Powerland's annual Steam Up in Brooks, OR. If you know Ross, you know why we had to go. He LOVES all things mechanical and for some reason he ABSOLUTELY loves old tractors. Maybe he was a farmer in a past life. He'd love to be one in this life, but that ain't happening.

Anyway, we spent 5 hours there, dodging the heat, keeping the kids interested with a fun, event-sponsored scavenger hunt (luckily we had some good friends along with us), watching tractor after tractor after tractor...after tractor parade around the track. Then we had to look at the old truck museum and lo and behold a CAT museum and oh my, who would have guessed...an old saw mill was running. "What, that man wants to know if you can go inside the mill to see the saw up close and personal? Of course dear, whatever you want....." Ross was a kid in a candy factory. We were wilting but we made do, we found our own exciting antique:

The Ice Cream Maker

And it made the most fabulous, delicious, cooling, creamy ice cream in the world......sigh...

Antique-made ice cream
Eating some steam-powered antique made ice cream!

I did enjoy it though (don't tell Ross) and my favorite parts were the kids doing their mini tractor pull:
Go, go, go!
S using those leg muscles

And this cool antique faucet display:
Cool Faucet Display!

Oh yeah, the mini train you could ride around was pretty dang cool too. Ahhhh, it was worth it just seeing Ross' expression all day.

Hmmm.....if you know Ross....
(If you know Ross, you know why I was told I just HAD to take this picture of him. 'Nuff said)

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