Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up: Re-modeling & Craziness

Ahhhhh.....our new floor...

Yeah, yeah I know I am a day late for this to really be an accurate weekend wrap-up. But do you not know by now how disorganized I am? Besides, this really was a crazy weekend. My parents went to visit my oldest sister and her family at a cool horse show in Reno and that left just the right amount of days we needed to camp at their house so that Ross could finish a very, very long awaited re-modeling project at our house.

We have been in our house for 10 years now. It is the first home that we have bought and it has been a work-in-progress from the get-go. But if that doesn't describe us in a nutshell, then I don't know what does. Our family is truly a work-in-progress and boy does our home reflect that! :-) Someday I will have to dig out some of our earliest re-modeling photos. Suffice to say that our small 1180 sq ft home that we purchased in 1999 has had everything torn out(except for the dishwasher and the tub/shower combo in the bathroom), re-painted, re-surfaced and/ore completely re-modeled. And after the twins were born, we also added over 1000 sq ft and a new garage/shop.

Apparently we don't like to finish projects. Because this baby is on-going and constantly being changed. I am sure there is something Freudian in that. Okay, okay I digress. Anyway, over a long four days. Ross not only took out the ugly kitchen tile, he then installed new hardwood and re-sanded and re-finished all the hardwood downstairs.

Re-finished Living Room Floor


And in between all of that we still managed:

A car show...
Hot Rod's favorite this show.
Lil' Mermaid's fave this time
...where the kids always make us take a picture of them in front of their favorite hot rod at each show.

An air show...
Madras Air Show
Madras Air Show
Hot Rod's Salamander
....with face painting (and arm painting).

letterboxing with friends...
Cool rock cairn!
Papa & His Peelu
Bridge to Terabithia?
..at beautiful Shevlin Park.

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