Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bee-Eating Labrador Retriever for Sale

Here's the bees on the lavender...

Okay, not really. Jack is one of our first babies. We'd never give him away, although our monthly food bill (he's 110 pounds) would be considerably lighter. Jack's ten now and though he has always been a bit strange, he has developed a few alarming habits in his dotage.

Jack stalking the bees

Yes, he attacks bees.

On the prowl for some bees

And he thinks he's stealthy about it.

Bee Hunting

He's not. But we humor him.

You can't hide forever, ya' darn bees!

And it keeps him occupied and out of our garden for a bit.

There's a bee.....GOT IT!

And sometimes he catches them. Sigh.....(eye roll)

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