Monday, September 28, 2009

Colorful Weekend Crochet

It was colorful crocheting this weekend!

Finishing up some older projects:

Dishcloth in the sunlight

Yep, another dish cloth.

Dishcloth with funky colors

A beautiful head wrap from Craft Leftovers...

My Springy Head Wrap

...made with Red Heart Heart & Sole sock yarn in Razzled Dazzle. I LOVE this stuff. My first time working with sock yarn. And I absolutely LOVE the variegated colors in this yarn.

Springy Head Wrap on

Oh yeah, and a really simple double crochet headband for Lil' Mermaid that I made from Red Heart Super Saver yarn (which is not my favorite because it's so acrylic-y and scratchy, but I just had to use this new colorway, called Marrakesh). I love the colors!
Simple crochet headband

Now the new stuff that I started. First is this scarf by Doris Chan from Interweave Crochet magazine. It's being made with the same sock yarn from above and the secret is that you're supposed to really, really stretch it out when you're done and block it. Hmmmmm...I have my doubts about that but the yarn is too beautiful to resist.

Crochet in progress...

And then I started my first art crochet project. I won't tell you what it's supposed to be yet. But the pattern is from the really fabulous Margaret Oomen and it's in the Fall Crochet Today magazine.

Some of my first crocheting with crochet thread

It's also one of my first crocheting projects using crochet thread, Yikes! Pray for me. This stuff is a little intimidating!

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