Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Crocheteers

Crochet, crochet, crochet
My crochet boy

Ahhh...finally, after a few months of my crocheting being ALL OVER the house and me picking up a hooke every chance I get...finally the maniacs asked a few days ago if they could try to crochet. Of course we are just working on chains for right now, but it's exciting!

Lil' Mermaid and some yarn

Lil' Mermaid asked first and I had some time where I could really sit with her and explain it. (I get frustrated and impatient if I don't have time.) I was surprised that she stuck with it. Trying to get your fingers on your left hand to hold down the yarn for the right tension is NOT easy. She actually got away with using some of my wool. So I told her that maybe we could try to felt her chain if she wants. She's not sure about that yet. But she's still working on it a bit at a time.

His crochet project has become a snake necklace
I love watching their little hands...
Diligent crocheter

Hot Rod is so like his father. He can pick up anything and make a more than adequate go of it. And also like his father, he's very confident in his craft "masculinity". :-) Here he is very diligently working on his project (which has become a garter snake necklace) at the Concert on the Green with the Hokule'a Dancers. I love watching my kids' hands when they are creating.

The crochet cuties

Peelu, actually, has been running around the house, stabbing all of my hooks into any yarn she can find, for the past few months. "Cwo-shay, cwo-shay" is her warrior cry. And of course now that her brother and sister have taken an interest, well then she MUST keep up with them! CWO-SHAY! CWO-SHAY!

All for one and one for all!

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