Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crocheting with Cotton

As I stated in my previous post about crocheting with wool, my previous crocheting was limited to acrylic yarn. And in the end, the yarn kinda turned me off. So in addition to wool, I have recently started using 100% cotton or some cotton blends. And as with the wool, I am finding that I really enjoy working with the cottony texture of these yarns. So far I have tried Sugar & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Lion Cotton and some cool eco-cotton from Red Heart. I am enjoying all of them for different reasons. I suspect you will be seeing quite a few dishcloths for a while and some more cotton-y goodness coming from my hooks.

Pretty dishcloths

First dish cloths.

Cotton dishcloths

Two fun shapes from Lion Brand Patterns.

Another Dish Cloth
This pattern is from here. I love the bright, sunny-ness of this one.

HDC Dish Cloth

Just a swatch of half double crochet stitches to practice this new-to-me stitch.

Yep, another dishcloth

Possibly my favorite. From a dishcloth booklet that I have. I love this yarn from Sugar & Cream and wish I could make this into a giant afghan.

Ahh...really loving the cotton. So many colors out there to play with. This could be trouble.

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  1. Hi just saw you blue dishcloth on I Crochet
    Love them all...cotton yarn is a real favourite and l love the blue one the most
    Hugs x