Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eggs, eggs, we got eggs!

Our first eggs

Yessssss.....finally....all this chicken drama has finally reaped a little reward for us - some eggs!

Finding the chicken eggs!!

This past week has been full of morning, afternoon and evening chicken check-ins. We've discovered a few things:

Not all eggs are created equal

Oblong eggs make you go "ouch" when you look at them.

The papery shelled first eggs from a chicken don't survive a crash landing.

A chicken can cackle for two hours in the middle of the afternoon and have nothing to show for it.

Eggs with thick, swirly, pointy ends make you raise your eyebrows and go "huh?"

And regardless of what Grandma thinks - our chickens DID NOT like the fake Easter eggs we "salted" their roosting boxes with...

See how our first little brown baby stacks up to the store bought eggs? It may be small, but it's ours!

Our first egg

These are the surviving champions so far. A little different perhaps, a little not-so-perfect. A little spotted, a little lumpy, and not quite symmetrical yet. But don't they look way cooler than the boring old, white, blah store-bought eggs?

Look at our eggs!

And although I am proud of our little chickens. I can't help thinking of the cool green eggs we would have if only Zena hadn't been such a hero! But we can go on. Sigh...

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