Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even more hammering at the ole' homestead...

Back Porch framed in

Ross had two days off. Any surprises as to how he spent it? If you know Ross, you know he can't sit down. Which is a fabulous quality. But also a very dirty, dusty, messy, sweaty quality. At least in our house.

This all started when Ross said, "You know we need a new roof on the old part of the house before winter" (We did a LARGE addition when the twins were two years old). Hmmmm...somehow, the new roof spiraled into two new porches as well. We did want them and with our hot, Central Oregon sun, we do need them. But really? On the few days you have off - you want to do more work from sunrise to sunset? Wasn't the new hardwood floors enough of a home improvement project?

The New Back Porch

Geesh. That boy has some energy.

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