Monday, September 7, 2009

Family dinner to prepare for a new milestone...

Dinner on the back patio

....FIRST GRADE!!! Yikes! What has happened to our babies? They are 6 and a half years old and entering first grade tomorrow. Last year as kindergartners, they only attended school for two and a half hours. Normally as first graders they would jump to 6 and a half hours. But because of our wacky school district they added a half hour to all of the school days because they cut school on Fridays. So they will be going to school for seven hours, four days a week. And this is the first time they will be eating lunch at school. BIG CHANGES! And let us not forget that Peelu and I will now be spending serious time together....ALONE.....just the two of us.....eek!

Peelu loves the lights

We ended up taking it easy on Labor Day and Ross was still working on the new roof. But we thought that we needed a little special family time to talk about the big changes coming up. We lit some of our pretty jar candles that we made during a summer time 4-H craft meeting...

So pretty in the evening lightCandleholders Lit

..we ordered pizza and we talked, and talked and dreamed about the upcoming seasons, holidays, sports activities, first grade, new responsibilities and chores (and of course future crafting plans)...

We had a great time just hanging out quietly together (under our new back porch). And hopefully we won't forget this. When we get stuck in our hectic schedules of practices and homework and meetings and late work nights and crankiness with each other...hopefully we'll remember this:

Ooh la la..

Sweet First Grader

Handsome First Grader

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