Thursday, September 10, 2009

I made lunch bags! I sewed them up myself. I did so!

Oilcloth Lunch Bags

Hey, this is big news for me. Despite my INCREDIBLY large, vast, and varied fabric supply.....well, the truth is that I don't actually sit down at my sewing machine very much these days. In fact, I will admit, my sewing skills are kinda limited. I am desperately wanting to change that and to actually use some of my fabrics. Rather than just stroking, folding and re-folding said fabrics, I really, really want to make things. I have the patterns, the ideas, the equipment and thanks to my mom's help cleaning my craft room, I now have the space to sew.

So, on Monday afternoon, when I realized that the new lunch boxes that we had bought for the kids had not arrived yet and since it was a holiday, would not arrive until after they were at school for their first day...well, I felt terrible. But I also was not going to go out and buy some lunch boxes for a day or two of use and then have to store them someplace.

So I actually sewed up two lunch bags out of some oilcloth from my giant stash of fabric. And they actually turned out. Not perfect mind you, but functional and dare I say, cute? AND I talked the kids into using them for their first day of school, while their highly anticipated lunch boxes were still on their way. I mean, that was no small feat, let me tell you. Because all of my oilcloth had flowers or fruit on them. So that means Hot Rod got stuck with a black oilcloth that had flowers all over it. The flowers were kind of electric blue and bright yellow and fluorescent green, so I tried to tell him they were nuclear, mutant flowers. He looked skeptical but he went with it.

My sewing concentration for that day did not, however, extend to attaching velcro closures. So I took some of my clothes pins and decorated them with glitter glue and used those to shut the bags. On the morning of school I put small ice packs in the bags and they seemed to work just fine.

Hey, this was a big accomplishment for me. Stay tuned for more sewing this Fall? I sure hope so!

Oops, I almost forgot. I got the lunch bag tutorial here. She has a great web site full of crafts and fun family ideas.


  1. These lunch bags are so cute! You did such a great job with them. I'm off to check out the tutorial... thanks!