Saturday, September 12, 2009

Laundry line, oh laundry line....

End of summer laundry line I love thee.

Yes, another post about my laundry line. Obsessed, right? I know, what can I do? I really, really LOVE my laundry line. My favorite part of the day is the early morning when I put the first load of damp laundry on the line. The air is cool, the sun is rising in the sky. The rhythmic hang-and-clip motion helps me think and plan the day. The air smells clean and new and fresh.

However, I also love my last load of the evening. Frequently this load is swinging gently on the line as an evening breeze has kicked up. Oftentimes, the sun is almost down and the moon is up by the time I get to take this load down. But it's okay. It's just me, (skirting around the dog poop), the whispering sound of the trees, the last glowing rays of the sun, the sparkle of the first stars, the watery shimmer of the moon, the smell of the tomatoes in the garden, the clean dry crispness of the's perfection. For a few minutes of my day, that's what it is.

The loads I put out during the middle part of the day are not my favorite, only because the heat and the bright sun overhead make it a little less comfortable. But still, I rush to see how many loads I can get out and dried in one day. So far, I have achieved four loads. But I bet I could do five. I just run out of laundry before I can get the fifth load done. I never like a chore so much, as doing the laundry in summer.

Normally during the year, when I see semi-clean clothes in the kids' laundry hamper I make them re-wear them before I put them in the wash - hey, only if they're not stinky or dirty. I mean really, don't your kids put on and take off clothes at lightning speed some days? Anyway, during summer (shhh..don't tell anyone) I don't even check to see if their clothes have been worn. If I find them on the ground, into the laundry hamper they go. And I confess that I am pretty sure some of those clothes were once stacked on their beds, freshly laundered and ready for their drawers. But somehow they fell on the floor and well, looked like they might be kinda, sorta, slightly dirty. What can I say? I must have enough laundry to feed my fetish. I could have weirder issues. Oh wait, I do.

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  1. I have a thing for laundry lines too - when spring first arrives and we get some really nice days here, I have a real urge to hang everything nice and neatly on the line - it soon wears off though!