Saturday, September 19, 2009

Princess & the Pea handmade play set


Phew! We have been working on this for a while! And it is finally done. It has been quite the project with Lil' Mermaid and I have to say that I am surprised that she has kept sticking with it.

You go girl!

Especially when her crazy Mama kept going and going and going (you get the picture and in case you don't you will soon understand after you see the million pictures we took of this project!)

Lil' Mermaid playing with her princess & pea set

First off, I cannot even pretend that this project is in any way my original idea. I was majorly impressed with the Princess & the Pea play sets that I saw on One Crafty Mumma and Soule Mama and Tree Fall Design. And our design is pretty faithful to the Princess and the Pea childrens book by Lauren Child. We really, really liked the hand drawn paper dolls combined with the fabrics and miniature doll house details in the book.

Lil' Mermaid showing her favorite page of the book

We started this project a few weeks ago, when G-Bug was visiting (and who is incidentally working on her own set during her visits with us). First the kids had to, ABSOLUTELY HAD TO bring their favorite fabric fat quarters downstairs (from the craft room to the dining room, mind you) to decide what would be the twelve fabrics they each just had to use for their own mattresses.

Some of the winners in the mattress fabric search

Hot Rod did not want to be left out, of course.

Hot Rod had to join in the fun

And so he is making some mattresses for his Pokemon because "he is not so into princesses and peas or that kind of girlie stuff". But since a sewing machine is a "power tool" in his eyes - that is okay to be using.

Lil' Mermaid sewing ALL by herself!

Lil' Mermaid was a cutting, pinning and sewing maniac for a few hours - she insisted on all twelve darn mattresses. That was quite a bit of sewing for a little girl. And I am proud yet embarrassed to say that, at 6 1/2, both she and Hot Rod might possibly be better sew-ers than I am at 35 1/2.

Giving herself a cheer after her first sewn mattress

I am sure as my mom is reading this, she is recalling many, many sewing tantrums that I appeared in throughout my younger years. She is probably also agreeing with me that everyone in the house is a better sew-er than I am (and yes that includes Ross and he is proud of that). I am doing better but my fast and dirty craft methods don't work so well in a craft that needs patience and exact measurements. Go figure. Someday I'll grow up.

Anyway, I digress. Over the next few weeks the mattresses were completely sewn up and then we discovered that in the book she had some nice looking sheets and a pillow and a bed spread. Imploring brown eyes looked at me. Satin fabric was scrounged out form our stash, a goose was sacrificed for some down stuffing, my crochet hook was engaged and voila!

So I had to add the pillow too!

Will this project never end??? Ay yi yi!
Twelve mattresses? Check!
A felted pea? Check!
Paper dolls hand drawn & colored? Check!
Satin & lace bed sheets carefully sewn up amid much swearing and fraying? Check!
Chenille pillow sewn and stuffed? Check!
Crocheted bedspread hooked? Check!
Are we there yet?

Lil' Mermaid is excited about reading these daysAhh  haaa!!!This doggone pea was causing all the trouble!Playing alongBeautiful, bright mattressesSleeping princess on her mattresses

Yes. And it was worth it.

Lil' Mermaid reading the Princess and the Pea...

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  1. Oh wow! I love this! I think I'll have to get the book and get my daughter onto it before making this amazing set! Love Love Love!
    PS. I'm now following your lovely blog! Please come and visit at Just For Daisy! x