Monday, September 28, 2009

Hula Hoop Making & Kool-aid Dyeing...

This was our weekend
...this was our weekend!

We attempted two projects we have been meaning to do for ages.

Twisted Sister:
Hooping, hooping, hooping!Twisted Sister!This darn hoop!

Hoop it Baby, hoop it!Hoop boy in front of the laundryPerfecting his hoop technique

The Littlest Hooper:'s it go again?Different cropping on littlest hoop girlOkay....DONE!

Papa hoops too!
Papa hoops too!

And yes, there is a reason there are no hooping photos of Mama - (I'm the worst at it!)

The hoop twins and their homemade hoops

And here's some results from the kool-aid dyeing:

Kool-aid dyed wool yarn and wool roving
Brightly dyed wool roving and wool yarn

The playsilks were the favorites:
Beautiful colors on the laundry line

Oh Peelu and her playsilksThe turbaned playsilk piratePeelu and her playsilk cape
The Dred Pirate Roberts and the Pea Pod FairyPlay silk girlsTurbaned goof ball

However there is a warning here: TOO MUCH FUN CAN BE EXHAUSTING!
WARNING: Hula Hooping can be exhausting

Tutorials on these projects to come.

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