Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes, we were late on the first day of school


We were jogging around the corner of the back parking lot when the bell rang. Yikes! "Run kids, run!!!" And the principal was outside of the front doors...thankfully she was just greeting people and didn't say anything to us about our tardy-ness. I guess they expect that on the first day of school, especially since our school district had so many crazy changes over the summer. But still, I was embarrassed. We jetted through the doors and left Ross and Peelu in the dust. Thankfully there were families all over the place and we were able to blend we'd been there for 5 minutes, at least.


Of course after we got back home, Ross teased me..."Did you really have to make them take so many pictures this morning? Did you have to pack them so much food in their lunch bags?" Hey -there was a lot to do this morning! Big first day of school traditions...Geesh. Eye roll and head shaking from Ross as he heads back out to the roof.

Okay, you be the judge - important or not?. Here were our first day of school traditions:

We had a treasure hunt this morning that got them up and excited and practicing their reading. They each found a new magazine at the end of their hunt:

Treasure from first day of schools....

Then Ross made more yummy crepes while I was baking cookies and making trail mix for their snacks and lunches:

Yesss...crepes again!

Yummy Trail Mix

Notes to write to put in their first lunches they will have ever eaten at school:

First notes in first lunch at school!

Hair brushing and hair flattening time:
Hot Rod with his temporary lunch bag

(i know, this seems like it shouldn't take long, but there is a long story about why Sam has not been able to get a haircut recently, so he has to wet his hair and wear a hat around the house to "squash it down" until his hair dries. Weird, I know.)

Daily schedule to go over before we head out:

New front door information board

We're trying to get organized here!!

And finally, the obligatory doorstep photo before we walk to school:

First Day of First Grade

These are important memories we're making here? This is all important stuff, right?

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