Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Curry

Baby Carrie in her Little House Dress #1

That's another one of your alter egos. Yep, besides Peelu, you also call yourself Baby Curry. Really, it's "Baby Carrie" from Little House on the Prairie. But the way you say it sounds like Baby Curry.

"Baby Carrie" checking out the chicks!

You started calling yourself this after the Little House Tree fort experience with your brother and sister this past summer. And as you kept hearing this name during our nightly family readings of the Little House series, you just seemed to adopt it.

Baby Carrie in her Little House Dress #2

Oh, "Peelu" is still around and you even still call yourself by your real name periodically. But lately it's been "Mama...I'm Baby Curry". Okay, whatever. You've even told a few people lately that that is your name.

These darn leaves....

Of course your brother and sister tease you (because that's what they do) about your name(s) and then you chase them around the house, yelling at the top of your lungs, "I'M BABY CURRRRRRRYYYYYYY".

Stepping through the leaves

We try to tell you that Baby Carrie is sweet and quiet and ALWAYS listens to her parents. You'll look at us and lower your voice and whisper, "I'm Baby Curry", but with a fierce frown on your face. And it's true that "Baby Curry " is a bit nicer than "Peelu". (Peelu still gets blamed for all the naughty things around the house.) But Baby Curry is no slouch in the attitude department.

"Baby Carrie" sitting on a rock wall

Oh our little girl. You are QUITE the character. You are peculiar, and interesting, and curious, and amazing, and fiercely opinionated, and busy, and wacky, and funny and we just LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!

Oh, Baby Carrie!

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