Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fairy love bouquets

My bouquet of magic

Left for us by those mischievous little fairies again. We went out in the backyard to play and found a little offering of lavender, allium, and yarrow waiting for us on a lava rock.

Lava rock bouquet

Arranged so sweetly.

Hot Rod & his fairy bouquetBouquet of love
Fairy Bouquet loveWho doesn't need a mini bouquet of love?

Don't they look great with freckles?

Aren't the shadows beautiful on the wood floor?
Cool flower shadows

They made magical shadows too.

Peelu's early Fall garden gift

Even Peelu was impressed. And she hasn't been easy to impress this week.

Gathered bouquet

Thank you again dear fairies. Stay warm.

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  1. The sequence of Sam would make an awesome Scrapbook page layout. Love the Secret flower fairies.