Sunday, October 25, 2009

He's back!!

Sitting on the porch, enjoying the sun together

I'm a little delayed in posting this, since Ross has been back from hunting for almost a week now. He came back last Tuesday. He went with some family friends and my dad up North for a muzzle loader deer hunt. Ross says he's the only one who got a shot off (because with a muzzle loader - it's not like you can re-load quickly or anything). But this suspiciously sounds like some fishing stories about "the one that got away...". Hmmmmmmm :-)

But they all had a great time and good weather and some smelly bonding (I'm sure). And we survived soccer practices, soccer games, childrens' choir, a brief cold, minor insanity.....the usual....thank goodness for Grandma W and her fabulous dinners and Becky for her Sunday School teaching and carpooling.

We were all happy he was back, safe and sound and rejuvenated.
We missed him.
We love him.
A lot.

(Pumpkins from our garden in the photo above. They were sitting next to each other on the front porch. I thought they kinda looked like Ross and I.)

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  1. It really was easier this time around. Someday the guys can take the kids with them and we can go to the spa.