Friday, October 30, 2009

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Hmmmm.....half finished crochet projects

Many projects started...not so many finished....and this is just the CROCHET projects. I'd scare you if I showed you the uncompleted embroidery projects, sewing projects, handmade holiday decorations, scrapbooks......yes, it's a problem.

A scarf, a beret, a bowl to be felted, a bag, a headband and another crocheted rock cover. Maybe revealing my problem will spur me to completion. Hmmmm...nice thought anyway. :-)


  1. how do you crochet a bowl? maybe you could teach me some more advanced crocheting besides a simple chain stitch :)
    Emily R.

  2. Emily, you and I have a crochet hooking and kool-aid dyeing date!