Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Little House

Peelu aka "Baby Carrie Ingalls"

Okay, if your read our last Little House post, then you know about our current obsession with the series. Lil' Mermaid is probably the only one (surprisingly) that is NOT completely absorbed with the Ingalls family. But she is absorbing the magic from the series as much as any of us. Above is a photo from this past summer when a freak storm toppled our largest tree. The maniacs thought it was fun to play around it the next day before their father cut it into firewood. The game that they played (for several hours) was "Little House".

Unfortunately I didn't get good photos of the whole thing. But this photo is "Baby Carrie" in their house that they built on the prairie. Hot Rod was "Pa" of course and Lil' Mermaid was "Ma". That left "Laura" and "Mary" unaccounted for.....until I was informed that Jack and Scully (our dogs) were the older daughters.

As the morning progressed and I brought laundry out and in from the line, scooped dog poop, weeded a bit...I was able to catch glimpses of their "Little House" world. It was so darn sweet to hear them calling each other "Pa" and "Ma" and to hear them acting out the stories they had listened to, and to see them all together, enjoying each others' company. I should have brought out the video camera, but that might have disturbed their story.

It was a perfect summer afternoon and a joy to watch how this magical book series has affected our lives. And it truly has. The kids are picking up some great stories and are entranced by life in the late 1800s. But on a deeper level (and yes, we do go there sometimes) Ross and I have had some interesting discussions about where we want to be as a family and what we want our kids to learn from us.

So here's some bits of what we've picked up from Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura and Baby Carrie (and though these ideals are nothing new, wouldn't it be nice if we all took a few of them to heart and just tried):

-Don't complain
-Family is most important
-You are entitled to nothing but life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and love
-Do not be beholden to people (pay back generosity with more generosity)
-Be neighborly but mind your own business
-Don't talk badly about others
-Live life simply
-Don't have more than you need
-Work hard and be appreciative of what you earn, things are not given to you
-Keep a good attitude

Now, mind you, I don't want to sound like I am preaching here. HAhahahahah...sorry, that made me laugh for a moment. Because personally, I have to work on EVERY SINGLE one of those ideals above. EVERY DAY. I take a lot for granted and I am not always as nice or as peaceful as I would like to be. But reading Little House together has caused us all to think a lot harder on these subjects than we had been. And it has given us an inspiring time together as a family.

So, if you haven't already - GO READ THE LITTLE HOUSE SERIES! 'Cause Baby Carrie says so!

Peelu in their one day tree fort