Thursday, October 15, 2009

My first nature collection

Close up of early Fall collection

Early Fall Beauty...that's what I'll call it. You may ask what "it" is. And I would have to say that it's just some local beauty that I collected.

PIne cone close-up

Nature art, I guess you could call it. Ephemeral art if you really want to sound impressive. :-)

Oops! Somebody lost their top!

I think I'd just rather sound sassy and say it's me playing in the leaves and goodies left by mother nature.

Different view of Early Fall Collection

It's fun and it makes my soul feel good. And I usually can get the maniacs to do my collecting dirty work - see I AM like a famous artist who has their minions prep the easy stuff and then I come and arrange it beautifully and call it my own. :-)

Actually I am again inspired and amazed by Margaret Oomen and her beautiful nature collections here and here. I am a bit obsessed with her art these days, aren't I? Hmmmmm...

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