Monday, October 5, 2009

My hiney hurts

4-H Record Book Judging

Seven hours of reading 4-H record books yesterday will do that to you. Yep, it's that time of year again. And I got suckered - oops, I mean I volunteered to be the Small Animal Judge for the record books. Hee hee. Actually I love it. A bit time consuming because I am freakishly thorough at going through each book, but I just dig it! Tonight I get to interview all these kids in person too! Luckily I was able to keep Peelu and her crayons away from all these books.

I think there are close to forty books. Thankfully a few less than last year. I am very proud to say that we had a few members from our dog club -Deschutes Desert Dogs - enter their books as well. That makes me happy. I love 4-H!

I must love it or I wouldn't be so insane about doing all that I can for the program. And there are volunteers way more involved than I am! Truly - very dedicated people - especially the 4-H staff for our County. They are amazing. So that is why I was up until almost midnight on Friday, working on these posters about our two 4-H club that we had last year. The posters highlighted what our clubs did during the year and what our members are learning from 4-H. There was a large 4-H event this past weekend to get some fabulous people to know more about 4-H and hopefully part with their money to help out our beleaguered County program. This poster was about our dog club. My co-leader Danielle, and I have run it for over 10 years now.

More 4-H duties

And this poster was about our Adventurer (Cloverbud) club that we ran last year for k-3rd graders. I was pretty happy with how both posters turned out.

Weekend 4-H duties

Then Saturday afternoon Ross and I drove out into the country, after two very cold soccer games, and put up these posters at the event, while freezing rain drifted through the roof......

I love 4-H.

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