Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Orphan scarf is finished!


Yeah! This was my first crocheted item that I have ever had to block. And it actually worked! It's a pattern by Doris Chan in Interweave Crochet's summer magazine.


It really was as easy as the pattern said. I even attempted my first foundation single crochet (fsc) stitches. And I kept my faith that it would stretch out when blocked at the end. It was a little hard to keep going when it seemed like it wouldn't stretch out very far while I was working the stitches. Here is the scarf when done with the last rows. I think it measured like 16 inches by 28 inches or something like that.

My scarf before blocking

Here it is drying after I blocked it and really stretched it out. It's about 14 inches by 65 inches or something like that. And it did shrink back down a bit when it dried fully.

Blocking the scarf

I used Red Heart Heart & Sole sock yarn - a skein and a bit more - in Razzle Dazzle. I LOVE this colorway!!


I will probably make it again. It was an easy take along project to work on when I was needing to do something with my hands. But I think I will do maybe a dozen more rows. Overall I am very happy with it and excited that my crochet skills are growing. :-)




  1. Way cute and I'd like to learn. Want to teach....or just make me one? I'll place an order!! I crochet but nothing so fancy---yet. It's really lovely, and matches you perfectly. Do keep that one for yourself!

  2. I will have to show it to you. It was way easy, sc most of the way! I'd make you one but my line-up of unfinished projects is lethal! :-)