Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh, you're such a Peelu

Our beloved Peelu

...mind you, we don't know WHAT a Peelu is or how you came up with that for your name but it fits you.

Froot Suit, Snow boots, cool temps.....

Last April when we were driving home from Southern California after Grandma W's big birthday bash, one of us looked back at you and said, "what's your name?". You know, just one of those things you keep asking your kids when they start talking and answering you back. You looked at all of us and said "Peelu". Of course, your brother and sister, sitting on either side of you thought that was funny and kept repeating it and laughing. So I don't know if that is all it took -your siblings thinking it was funny - or if you really decided that was your name. (You had been telling us your name correctly up until then). But pretty much from that day on you have insisted that your name is Peelu.

Peelu and her baby chip-chip

And you are quite adamant about it. Even running around the house in a high pitched voice saying repeatedly. " Peelu-peelu-peelu-peelu" as fast as you can. We thought it was so funny that we just kept it up. Even despite Grandpa W's tutoring lessons on what your real name was....(he is rather upset because he says that after 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters he can rarely get their names correct as it is - much less if they go changing it on him!)

The wreck!

I used to wonder how people got kinda strange nicknames that stuck with them, Now I know. Of course the biggest change that happened was that Peelu became a bit more demanding shall we say, ah heck, let's just say she's been more naughty since her "name change". So we all kind of wonder if Peelu is actually a different person to this something we should be worried about? She does use her given name when she sees pictures of herself and every once in a while she'll go back to it. But then Peelu comes back out (and Peelu is always the name she uses when she talks about herself in the third person) and always when she points out something naughty that she did. Like she will point at a ripped page in a book and say, "Peelu did dat!" or you ask her who spread the flour all over the floor and she'll say "uh-oh, Peeluuuuuu"..

Oh Peelu

Sigh.....we're not sure if she's really smart or.....a bit scary.....:-) But we all love her heaps and heaps and she keeps us cracking up all day long. And whether she's Peelu or somebody else, she has her big brother and sister wrapped around her little sneaky finger.

Little Lost hoop girl in the laundry

Oh yeah, and us too.


  1. Not sure which is my favorite - the swimsuit and the snowboots or the mismatched shoes and the red paint!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is so funny, love her independence and her "I don't care what anyone thinks" attitude. I hope she keeps that.