Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spreading a little love at the park

Autumn love - hugs and kisses

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, while the maniacs were playing at the park on Friday, I was doing a little playing of my own......

Ahh...materials to play with at the park

maple leaves, acrons, twings....what could I make?

Gotta LOVE those lil' acorn "hats"

Could I spread a little love with some art?

Cupid's Autumn Love 1
Cupid's Autumn Love 2

Could I make somebody's day with a few maple leaves, some locust tree twigs, acorns?

Cupid's Red Hot Autumn Love 1

Could I spend a few minutes making myself smile while the kids were laughing and playing in the background?

Fall Leaf Love

Could I love up close and from afar?

Love from afar

Could I inspire somebody else.....

I look like a squirrel play with Mother Nature too?

Very organized looking


P.S. I hope that some of my art "installations" survived and made somebody else smile.

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  1. those are so, so sweet. I'm going to give it a shot too. Thanks for inspiring.