Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super sweet acorn necklaces

Acorn necklaces for us

Are they just the cutest, sweetest lil' nature necklaces ever, or what? Of course I found the pattern on Margaret Oomen's blog, Resurrection Fern. My new favorite place to hang out because it is the most beautiful and inspiring web site.

The acorn kids!

I am such a craft nerd that two weeks ago, while walking home from school with the kids (and Ross was along too), I made them all detour into the park (even though we had soccer practice in a half hour)to collect acorns. Ross was of course shaking his head the whole time, but he found me the most. :-) He always pretends that my incessant crafting drives him nuts, but really, he is my best enabler. (He loves to make things just as much as I do and usually he tries to take over my craft to show me a "better way"). Are we the only nerdy couple that argues over crafting styles?

Okay, I digress, here are some of the acorns we collected.
We love acorns!

I did hot glue all the caps on the acorns because they fell off pretty easy and I could envision major drama later on if the necklaces lost their caps while the maniacs were wearing them. Then I followed Margaret's pattern and voila.....

Acorn love
Peelu and her sweet lil' acorn
Acorn Boy


Working with crochet thread is new to me and still a bit of a challenge to keep the tension right and make those tiny "bowls" for the necklaces. The rainbow thread is #10, the metallic thread #5 and the pink and red were #5, all Aunt Lydia's crochet thread. It was definitely worth it.

acorn necklaceClose-up of Hot Rod's acorn necklace
Lil' Mermaid and her acorn necklaceOne of our pumpkins wearing an acorn necklace

Doesn't it make you want to run out and find some acorns right now? Better hurry, the squirrels are packing up!

Sparkly acorn necklace

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  1. I love the rainbow colors you used and the beautiful smiles on the chldren.
    Thanks so much for sharing the link. I am surprised the squirrels around my house haven't learned to crochet little sacs for their own collecting.