Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tutorial: Stuffies & Pillows the kiddos can make

Robot Love

What you will need:
Plain fabric (I used a natural colored canvas)
Backing fabric (we used some cotton prints)
Fabric Markers
Sewing pins
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Embroidery floss or thread
Hand sewing needle
Stuffing (we use cluster stuffing)

Have the kids draw their image on the plain fabric, using the fabric marker. I had them lightly use a pencil if they wanted to sketch their design out first.

Drawing his robot
Hot Rod is making a viking this time

Have them CAREFULLY cut out around their design, leaving a good one inch margin from the design. I have the big kids use my good sewing scissors because the canvas especially is harder to cut out. But please be sure to keep their little fingers safe (or just cut it out yourself.)

Mermaid cutting out her dolphin pillow design
All cut out

Pin the design, face down onto the backing fabric, right side facing up.

The girls are pinning their pillows

Trim around the backing fabric to match the edges with the design fabric. I showed them how to trim the corners and the "valleys" of any big curvy areas to help ease the tension of the fabric when it is turned right side out.

Lil' Mermaid working on her pillow

Sew, baby, sew! I had the kids sew, leaving a 1/2 inch seam. We left about 2-3 inches un-sewn at the bottom so that we had room to turn it.

Little man sewing

After sewing, turn the pillow right side out. I used some crochet sticks to carefully push out the corners.

The hardest part...

The last steps are to stuff the pillow to a preferable consistency. We like to use Cluster Stuffing because it is so small and loose and easy for little hands to stuff. It doesn't leave the pillow lumpy. After stuffing is complete, get the sewing needle and some thread (we use embroidery floss because it's easier for the kids to handle and it's sturdier) and hand sew the opening closed.

Hot Rod sewing up the hole of his robot

And VOILA!!! Instant best friend, decorative room accessory or make believe toy!

Lil' Mermaid and her first pillow
Hot Rod the Viking
Fun Pillows from Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid


  1. Awesome, I love how involved you get the kids in crafts. I actually might try this.


  2. It's easy- I promise - just makin' a pillow!

  3. so cute, but what i love most is how the kids did pretty much everything themselves! i'm so doing this! :) lisa

  4. Wow! I love the unfinished chalk marks and stains! Is there a name or address to research the embroiderer? I would try to look into it and if nothing, I would make up a history. The piece could become an artwork between stitchers through time, though I would leave the original stitches as is and add new completely different images too. Enjoy whatever you decide:)