Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay! Something finished!

Okay, so I guess I do have a little bit of fortitude in me. I did finish this batch of cards (some of which had been sitting half completed in my large card craft box for a year!) I was invited to a friend's house last weekend for some card crafting time. And it was needed - in more ways than one.

Recent batch of cards that I finished

I am really into these teeny, tiny cards.....I hate to throw away scraps, so I have been using them for these little cards (some are two inches unfolded). I figured they would be fun to tuck into lunch boxes and lots of other cute little places.
I really, really am into these teeny tiny cards

I also put together another card using copies of old family photos. My grandmother is on the right and my great aunt (and godmother) is on the left. I had used another old family photo on one of the cards I entered in Fair this past summer. I LOVE old family photographs!
Card I made with photo of family

I also stamped a quick present for a friend's birthday...sorry it was late....:-)

Lil' Birthday present for a friend

All in all, I guess there were a few things that I DID finish this week. Phew!

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