Friday, October 2, 2009

You say it's your birthday........

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

....and that you're still 25? Huh? Okay, maybe you still act 25, but we are getting up there a bit.

Since we don't have school on Fridays now, Ross was able to finagle his schedule around and we spent the day together for his birthday. He wanted to head up to McKenzie Hwy before it closed on us for the year. So of course that meant we had to stop at the Dee Wright Observatory.

Dee Wright Observatory
For Papa's Birthday

The kids love anything about volcanoes these days. Good thing we live in an area rich in volcanic history (at least I hope it's all history!) And I don't think we have ever taken them up McKenzie Hwy before, at least not so they could remember.

Kiddos walking through the lava paths

They loved walking through the lava flow on the paths and imagining they were running from an erupting volcano. Although that is not a fantasy I'd really like to encounter.

Walking through the lava fields

We walked up to the top of the observatory and it was COLD - North wind, freezing rain type of cold!

A cold Hot Rod and Mama

Hot Rod made a new friend:

Hot Rod and a little friend on the lava wall

And we looked at what we could see of the surrounding mountain range. There's this cool brass dial up there that shows you all of the mountains and their elevations.

Cool dial depicting the mountains around the observatory

Isn't it kinda mystical looking? On this afternoon it looked especially so with the fog and rain. But even on a sunny day there is something eerie about this lava flow. It feels like you're in the middle of a place where time stood still. The rough, craggy landscape and the dead trees mixed with the living. It makes you think.

Isn't it mystical looking?

But Papa had his kiddos and he was happy.

Birthday boy and his babes

Then we went home and had G & G over for a birthday dinner, cheesecake, and presents. Lil' Mermaid wrote her Papa a very artistic card and bought him a hunting magazine. Hot Rod decided, in his cute lil' way, that he would give some of his treasures to his father. That is why Ross has a stuffed bat on his head and is examining a rock and a matchbox car that Hot Rod picked out for him. So sweet.

Ross listening to his present from Hot Rod

And then we come to my present to Ross. I am really, really trying to give more handmade presents these days. I just wish I had more time to make them! So anyway, I decided to give Ross some of my wash cloths that I have been crocheting. He thinks I should be able to let them go by now so that he can use them. Yep, it's a bit weird, I know. But he has been really bugging me about using them. I was finally done petting and staring at my first ones, so I though....there ya' go, Honey! Happy Birthday! :-) But I did also have a book I had bought for Ross a bit ago. It's about "Mountain Men". So he got something exciting. Although my wash cloths are pretty darn jazzy. I mean, did you see them?

Ross with his FAVORITE birthday presents!

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  1. The things that make us happy as we get older. Love the Pink Bat and the idea of the treasures also the wash cloths.