Thursday, November 12, 2009

Antiquing - perhaps a new love?

Our vintage bowls on our antique desk

As if I need one more hobby, especially one that might involve spending money!

This desk is actually something we have been looking for, for quite a while now. Ross wanted to make one but he has little time these days. And his craftsmen standards won't let him just get anything from the local stores. (Which can be quite frustrating for me at times!) But during our coffee date on my birthday he dragged me into one of the local antique stores and we found this simple beauty for a way better price than I thought we could get. She was meant to be ours.
Our new desk

And I have some very special plans for her. Stay tuned.
Oh lovely antiques

Some items I had been wanting to start collecting are these retro pyrex bowls. We found some ones in great condition at two different antique shops.
Retro Turquoise Pyrex

My mom is probably laughing because she has some of these originals in pink (wedding presents, I think). But I do love retro things. Maybe at 36 it's finally time I start defining my style.
Retro vintage pyrex bowls on Gram's doily

And with a love of history, retro is probably a good bet. It certainly makes me smile.
Don't these just bring you back?

Don't these bowls just bring you back? Sitting in Grandma's kitchen with bubbly casseroles gracing these funky bowls...I can't wait to use them.

Didn't your Grandma have one like this?

And I am pretty new to this idea of collecting vintage anything. But there are some crazy, excited collectors out there. For you think our parents/grandparents ever imagined that their old wedding presents would be hot commodities some day? What goes around, comes around they say...
Some of our pyrex finds

Okay, enough pyrex....we also found a very cool bread bowl (another item we've had on our wish list).
An antique bread bowl find

I really wanted more of a trough style to put in the middle of our table. But this round bowl was too much for "the Craftsman" in our family to resist.
Yarn-y loveliness

He wants to actually put his bread to rise in it. (yes, he makes bread too....sickening isn't it?) But so far my "birthday yarn" has taken up residence. It's a yummy looking stash, right?
Yum, Yum, Yummmmmmm

By the way, the beautiful hand crocheted doilies are from Ross' Gram. I decided to do a whole post on them so don't despair....more doily love coming your way.


  1. The yarn looks just fine in your new bread bowl...and also I couldn't agree more about finding your own little groovy style in your 30's. I am collecting things I love instead of the stuff you'd see in a magazine anymore (or stuff you'd find in my mom's kitchen) It's good fun, it's art in your place. Good finds!

  2. Your funny Kellie, I'm doing my scrapbooking room in antiquey type things, I have a restored shipping trunk that Todd got me eons ago I have Todd's grandmother's dry sink in my room along with some ornaments that are antiquey.