Thursday, November 5, 2009

Campfire, anyone?

My Fall campfire 4

Yep, more playing in the leaves. Although these photos were from a few weeks ago because all of our leaves are almost gone from the trees now.

My Fall campfire 5

Walking the kids home from school one day and I noticed all the different colored leaves in the park made it look like it was on fire. So I made the kids collect some more leaves for me on the way home and I started playing with them in the backyard. Ross had just brought over a fresh load of juniper logs for our wood stove. And I thought some of them were a nice small I set out making my own campfire.

Fall flames

I am trying to get better at identifying the trees and bushes around. I think we have burning bush, maple, crab apple, sand cherry, peach? and maybe a kind of oak?
It was fun. I have to say I was really proud of my flames.

Putting my "fire" together

And juniper logs certainly have a rustic quality about them.

My Fall campfire 3
My Fall campfire 2
My Fall campfire 1

Now all I need is some Irish Coffee and s'mores! Wanna come over?


  1. Hey you! I love your new hearder art. Very creative. I had so much fun last night, it was great to relax and chat and laugh with friends. I hope you had a good b-day.

  2. Thanks. Last night was fabulous. You girls are AWESOME!!