Monday, November 16, 2009

Gram's Doilies

Old photo of Gram in kitchen
(photo from 2005 - yes, that's Lil' Mermaid!)

Okay, I had to do a post about the exquisite doilies that we inherited from Ross' Grandmother. Gram, as we called her, was a super woman. Literally. A little tornado that brought a smile to everybody's face. She could talk your ear off, covering a wide range of topics, all the while tucking you into her tiny kitchen table and serving you homemade apple sauce and corn chowder, all without a hitch in her tiny but determined stride. She passed away a few years ago and is missed TERRIBLY by so many people. But she left a huge legacy, in more ways than one.

She left her generous spirit...
Gram's Doilies 3

her crooked grin (because she wasn't wearing her dentures)...
Gram's Doilies 1

her fiery determination....
Ahhh Big Grammy love on my laundry line

her hard-working, never complaining attitude....
Gram's Doilies 8

her devoted love for her family...
Gram's Doilies 5

her beautiful, handmade-from-the-heart, crocheted doilies, pillowcases, afghans, baby toys, bonnets, sweaters......
Gram's Doilies 4

When Gram passed away, Ross asked if he could have some of her doilies that she had made throughout the years. We were sent a huge box of exquisitely crafted doilies in beautiful colors and textures and so many different designs. It was unbelievable that somebody could create so much intricate loveliness....and this was only a few of the many she created throughout her long life. Ross put a few around the house and we've recently tried to incorporate more of them into our decor. But he came up with a fun decoration idea on the afternoon we brought our antiques home and were taking photos in the backyard. He pinned them up on our empty laundry line and had me take photos of their loveliness swaying in the breeze. Didn't the photos turn out pretty cool? We had had a beautiful day driving around with the kids and it was a wonderful way to end the afternoon - with a mini tribute to one of our most special angels.

Sunflower Doily

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  1. Kellie,
    Thank you so much for the tribute to our Gram, as I'm writing this I have tears in my eyes that are on the edge of rolling down my cheeks. You have done such a wonderful thing here and there arn't words I can say to express my gratitude. She is a special Angel and will always be with us and we miss her so much everyday. Thank you for thinking of her.