Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haunted Halloween Houses

Here's some fun ideas that we did at our most recent Halloween Bash.....

A few of the Haunted Houses from this year


This was our take on making gingerbread house. We first did this last year at our October Adventurer 4-H meeting. And it turned out so fun we thought we'd do it again with our little friends.

Here's what you need:

Recycled cardboard covered in foil for bases for the houses to sit on
Knives and spoons for spreading tools
LOTS of paper towels and wipes for messy fingers
Graham Crackers
Frosting (chocolate and of course some cool dyed Halloweenish colors)
Any halloween candies you can imagine

Graham Cracker Haunted House Supplies
Haunted House Decor

Set everything out in easy to use containers and be prepared to get messy!

The whole deal...

(but think outside the box too, to other candies that would make great architectural features: skittles, m&ms, sprinkles, jimmies, Halloween peeps, gummy worms, lemon drops, licorice bits...etc.)

Haunted house candies

Some kids start building right away and some need a little help stabilizing their structures. A good blob of icing usually helps with stabilizing the graham cracker walls.

Working on room 2
Ooohhhhh baby! Orange sparkles.

The creativity and thought process of the kids is so fun to watch!

Haunted House architecture in action

Even two year old fingers could have fun with this:

Haunted House Creation

Of course some two year olds think that taste testing the frosting is the most important part:

What a dirty viking

We did give explicit instructions before hand however: no eating the candy while making the houses, no dipping fingers into the frosting to eat it, and they had to take their houses home and ask their parents if they could eat them...of course the two year olds did not necessarily abide by these rules. But the big kids did great and made some cool buildings!

Another haunted house complete!
Hot Rod with his Haunted House

Oh, and one other crafty idea we did this year was to have the kids sign in on a large poster board as they arrived at the party. We had a bag of markers nearby and the kids wrote their names on the poster board and some of them drew a picture of themselves in costume. It was too cute. In fact it's still hanging up in our house cause we thought it was a fun decoration.

Halloween Bash Sign-in

Happy Halloween ya'll!

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  1. Kellie,

    Love the saving, spending, sharing cans what a great idea I think I'm going to do that with the boys. Hopefully some will go in the saving can. I live the coustumes, they are great who knew my brother was so talented at painting, and your mom is terrific, I'm so glad the kids have awesome grandparents. Can't wait to see what youdo for December. Oh love the leaves what a great and ingenious idea.