Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday swaps - yipeeeee!!!

All of R's swap loveliness from Jemima

I just signed up the family for two fun holiday craft swaps. Have you ever participated in crafty type swaps before? If not, you gotta try it! If you are a mail geek, like I am, then this is your ticket to bliss. There are tons of swaps out there. You just have to google them and countless ideas pop up. But I prefer to do swaps with web sites or blogs that I frequent. And so far I've only really done kid type swaps with Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid. The first one we did was a kid's sewing swap that was so awesome. We even got to talk back and forth (via the computer) with our swap buddies. The kids thought that was the best. And a few little friends have become penpals.

Here's some photos from the sewing swap:

Our boxes going out to Australia and Virginia...
R sending stuff to her swap buddy Jemima
S sending stuff to his swap buddy Aaron

And the fun coming in to us:
S so happy about receiving his sewing swap
R is swap happy

As you can see by their goofy - I mean...excited...faces, the kids LOVED it. We are still working on projects with items from this swap.

The next swap we did was a series of ATCs (artist's trading cards) that the kids designed and created themselves. They each had 6 swap buddies here. Oh my goodness, waiting for the mail every day during this swap was agonizing. Here's some of their ATC's:

Lil' Mermaid's
R's ATC Swap Originals

Hot Rod's
S's ATC Swap Originals
"Santa's Workshop After Christmas"

I love that I still see some of their ATC's (from their swap buddies) tucked here and there in their rooms. You can see more of the ATCs from that swap here.

Anyway, you can tell we love combining crafting, art, mail and making new friends! And we just signed up for a Holiday Card Swap at Kids Craft Weekly. If you have never checked out this web site - YOU MUST!! Amber puts out a monthly newsletter of the greatest kid crafts...for FREE. She's cool. You gotta check it out.

The second swap we signed up for is at another of our favorite web sites - The Crafty Crow. This swap is a little more involved - it's making kid's ornaments with the theme of Fairy Tales. And Cassi keeps an AMAZING web site full of every kind of cool kid craft activity you could imagine.

So I guess we better get crafting. Oh darn. If you are interested in either swap, get to it right away because they will probably fill up VERY quickly!


  1. You know what, I think I'll have to get Drew signed up for the card one. He had so much fun last time. Thanks for the info!

  2. YAY! I totally thought of him when I was writing this post.